How to Set Up an E-Commerce Business


We are living in the world of the freelancer and the entrepreneur, but it definitely takes a leap of faith to get there as you throw yourself into a world of the unknown, because as we know, not all business ventures end atop Google Towers (if that’s even a place). Many freelancers and newbie entrepreneurs end up losing, but it’s mainly due to a lack of preparation or conviction in their original idea. So, for those who are thinking about starting a business from home, an e-commerce model makes a lot of sense and here’s how to do it so it gets up off the ground and makes you some cash.

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Custom Vs. Pre – Made WordPress Themes – Which one is Better?


The design and functionality of the WordPress website are associated with the theme used for it. You have to choose an impressive theme for your website which can boost the overall performance of it.

WordPress comes with dozens of free and premium themes that can easily be integrated into your website to set a strong foundation for your website. But there are times when you may find it hard to choose a particular theme that hosts all the features you need for your website. Fortunately, the popularity of this open-source software has given birth to WordPress theme customization. Today, you can get yourself a customized theme designed specifically for your business requisites.

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10 Best Free WP Themes 2016 for Small Businesses

A business website is pivotal for every venture and plays an important role in its success. Yet, building a professional site from scratch requires a huge budget, especially for startups. Fortunately, WordPress platform provides an excellent opportunity for everyone from startups, small businesses to professionals to develop websites within a small budget. The platform extends a wide range of premium as well as free web themes suited to all types of tasks. We will primarily be talking about free themes today. Below are top 10 WordPress themes that are absolutely free to use for business sites.

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